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Our Advantages

High Stability

Stability always comes first for any video application. POLYV has realized

it with our industry-leading Service Level Agreement, which helps to deliver

smooth, high-quality video experience for the audience, with high stability

and reliability of our solutions.

No Third-party Ads

Tired of ads getting in the way? Now you can

have full control of how your audience watch

your videos -- No ads that you don't want, and

no POLYV branding.

Custom-Branded Playback

POLYV can deliver livestreams in customizable player

and hosted web pages, and add your own subtitles,

logos and watermarks as well -- all in our developer-

friendly APIs and SDKs.

Global Delivery with Speed & Quality

POLYV has been cooperating with leading CDN providers around the

world, to deliver fast and high-quality videos no matter where you are.

Also, we support adaptive bitrate streaming, to ensure a smooth video

playback at the best quality possible.

Digital Rights Management

POLYV provides leading-edge solutions for keeping your

videos secured -- from Rights Access Management (RAM),

watermarking, token authentications, geo-restriction, to our

patented PlaySafe® Digital Rights Management (DRM), we

help you securely deliver your content with no concern.


From content-secured videos to interacting with audience

POLYV keeps improving the video playback experience.

  • Upload Optimization

    Simply upload your content, with capabilities

    of resumable transfer and handling large files.

  • Interactions for education

    The best way to impress your audience.

    The leading trend of interactive education.

  • DRM

    Your content is highly secured by multiple

    encryption methods and access controls.

  • Branding and marketing

    Promote your business from

    custom campaigns to social sharing.

  • Analysis & Management

    Take better care of your videos with real-time

    analysis and optimized management system.

  • APIs & SDKs

    Your further customization is well supported

    with our developer-friendly APIs and SDKs.

Stable. Safe. Speedy.

We present your brand and make it more valuable.